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A quaint family oriented community located 1 hour east of Regina on Highway 48. Montmartre is located in a diverse agricultural area where an assortment of crops flourish and livestock are raised. The proximity of the Village to Regina allows residents the coziness of a small town yet easy access to the larger service centre of Regina. Montmartre meets all your immediate needs and more with health services, accommodations, recreation, K-12 school, professional and personal services. Paved streets guide you through the well kept residential and new subdivision areas, while the business section downtown promotes convenience with a wide range of services available within a one block radius.
A community of 900 people(rural and urban), Montmartre's family focus with daycare, K-12 school, wide range of recreational amenities and variety of events throughout the year keeps residents busy. Volunteers are keystone to the community as they often come together to take on projects that sustain the community's infrastructure(rink, clubs, etc), raise funds which address a community issue or celebrate milestones that make Montmartre what it is today.  
A new residential subdivision reflects interest in our community and opportunity to be a part of its growth. Commercially the Village has a very active business community punctuated by small entrepreneurs who strive to meet residents and visitors needs. Moreover, the Montmartre EDTC and Village Council are always looking to encourage business interest as opportunities abound for various commercial ventures.
One of the highlights of Montmartre is the expansive Kemoca Regional Park which is situated adjacent to the Village. This Park is a buzz of activity all summer long with activities such as baseball, camping, swimming, soccer, community events and family reunions. The Park features a very busy swimming pool, a campground, a canopy-roofed picnic area that seats 200, a new playground, and a 1.35 kilometer walking trail.
We welcome you to Montmartre to visit our various businesses, tour the residential area, snap a photo at the Eiffel Tower Park or relax at Kemoca Regional Park.  Create a memory that captures a unique personal experience you can share and fondly recall.

Inquire today! Call the Village Administrator for inquires 1-306-424-2040, fax 1-306-424-2065 or e-mail at rm126@sasktel.net

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